The Village of Winnipegosis was incorporated as a municipality on March 10, 1915.  The first Europeans to come to the Winnipegosis area were early explorers and fur traders. Years before, native tribes hunted and fished the area. The village’s name in fact is derived from a Cree word meaning "Little Muddy Water”.

The mouth of the Mossey River played a vital role in the fur trade.  It was here where many trappers and traders met throughout the year to do business and purchase supplies.  Winnipegosis was the site of the original Fort Dauphin, constructed by descendants of the French explorer LaVerendrye, in the late 1700’s.

In the early years, the community’s importance to the fur trade drew more and more people to the area, the village was incorporated in 1915.  By that time, the fur trade had all but died, however timber and fishing soon became the main economic activities.  Today, ranching, agriculture, fishing, tourism and senior’s services provide the community with its present and future economic prosperity.

Be sure to check out Winnipegosis Historical Society’s website : www.winnipegosis.org for great pictures and information of the Winnipegosis area.