The Lakeshore Planning District (LPD) is adopting a new Development Plan that applies to the entire district and affects all  development in the district

LPD is comprised of 3 municipalities; RM of Dauphin, RM of Lakeshore and Mossey River Municipality

Notice of Public Hearing – Adoption of Development Plan Bylaw 2017/1 Wednesday April 5, 2017 at 1:30pm Local Time Location: RM of Dauphin Council Chambers; Highway 20A East

Representation may be made in person at the hearing.  Written submissions must be received by mail or otherwise delivered to the RM of Dauphin Office by 4:00pm local time on Tuesday April 4, 2017

Please view the Development Plan information below:

Development Plan

Map 1 – Key Map

Mossey River Municipality
Map 2-1 – Mossey River Rural Area
Map 2-2 – Winnipegosis Urban Area
Map 2-3 – ForkRiver

RM of Lakeshore
Map3-1 – Lakeshore North
Map 3-2 – Rorketon
Map 3-3 – Lakeshore South
Map 3-4 – Ochre River
Map 3-5 – Dauphin Lake

RM of Dauphin
Map 4-1 – RM of Dauphin
Map 4-2 – RM of Dauphin Central
Map 4-3 – RM of Dauphin South Central
Map 4-4 – Sifton
Map 4-5 – Valley River