Notice of Hearing

The Lakeshore Planning District  (LPD)

The LPD is comprised of the 3 municipalities of

RMs of Lakeshore and Dauphin

and Mossey River Municipality

Adoption of a Development Plan

Bylaw 2018 / 1

The hearing will take place 2018 April 26 Thursday at 1330hr

in the RM of Dauphin Chambers , 109069 PTH 20A  E. , Dauphin RM

The LPD is adopting a new Development Plan that applies to the entire district and affects all development in the district.  Representation may be made in person at the hearing.  Written submissions must be received by mail ,  or otherwise delivered, to the RM of Dauphin office by 1600hr April 25 .   Information can be obtained at the three municipal offices or at


Please view the Development Plan information below:

Development Plan – Revised 2018-Mar-7


Map1- KeyMap

Mossey River Municipality
Map 2-1 Mossey River Rural Area

Map 2-2 Winnipegosis Urban Area

Map 2-3 Fork River

RM of Lakeshore
Map 3-1 Lakeshore North

Map 3-2 Rorketon

Map 3-3 Lakeshore South

Map 3-4 Ochre River

Map 3-5 Dauphin Lake

RM of Dauphin
Map 4-1 RM of Dauphin

Map 4-2 RM of Dauphin Central

Map 4-3 RM of Dauphin South Central

Map 4-4 Sifton

Map 4-5 Valley River