Nestled along the South shore of magnificent Lake Winnipegosis, and hugging the banks of the gentle Mossey River, rests the exquisite little Village of Winnipegosis. Influenced by a rich and diverse historical background, the Winnipegosis lifestyle complements an idyllic setting free from mainstream pollution and congestion with an abundance of nature and wildlife. The serene and graceful setting of Winnipegosis is also home to a fantastic bird population and is the nesting grounds for an enchanting assortment of bird species including the Blue Heron, Osprey, Pelican and Bald Eagle. The Village, with just under 700 residents, offers amazingly affordable housing, all amenities and convenient access to major centres.

The Village offers a special tax rate on new residential construction ( home either built on site or an RTM newly built elsewhere and relocated) within the village boundaries, shall be forgiven for the first year that the residence is in place.